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The purpose of this website is to summarize and catalogue some of the most innovative and exciting products in this field, bearing in mind that none of these is classified as a drug, but as a supplement exhibiting no adverse side effects. Careful regard is given to cost, so although HGH or Human Growth Hormone injections are certainly effective, the cost is beyond most of what the population can afford, as is telomerase, the enzyme which purports to extend telomeres in the body, which dictate how long we have to live, and are a tiny but essential part of our DNA. Instead, we are concentrating on a practical and affordable approach to Anti–aging Medicine (AAM), that most people who are serious about aging happily and healthily, can adopt.

Gerovital or GH3

Live Younger, Live Longer

This is the first and oldest member of a then fledgling anti–aging set–up, discovered at the Otopeni Clinic in Bucharest by Prof. Ana Aslan over 60 years ago. Universally acclaimed as the ‘Grandmother of Anti–aging Medicine’, (AAM), the active ingredient, Procaine Hydrochloride, separates in the body into DEAE (di–ethylaminoethanol) and PABA (para–amino benzoic acid).

Early recorded results showed an increase in well–being and a host of other improvements, all tabulated in the largest double–blind trial in history, involving 15,000 people and 400 doctors at 144 clinics around the country, embracing all proper established protocols. Whilst the trial was in full swing, Asian flu swept through Europe, and the number dying who were taking GH3 was 2.7% compared with 13.9% of the general population, including those who were on the placebo.

It was also found that 40% less time was taken off work through sickness. Muscular vigour and libido were increased, depression alleviated, respiratory and heart conditions improved. The list was endless! The current position is that there are many tablet forms being produced, but the minimum content of active ingredient should be 100 mg of Procaine HCl, in order to be properly effective, and should always be taken on an empty stomach in order to protect its acidulous pH of 3.3.

Beta Glucan (BG)

Beta Glucan - a 21st Century Miracle?

The drug companies will not produce this product as they cannot patent it, but some even go as far as trying to suppress the facts reaching doctors and the public alike, at least in Europe and the Western world! Why? How can a comparatively straightforward polysaccharide cause them such a problem? The answer lies in the fact that it could potentially cut across several of the products produced and patented by Big Pharma, thus slashing their profits.

However, one form of BG, notably Oat Beta Glucan, which is 1.3, 1.4 on the glucose chain, has been licensed by the FDA in the U.S. and by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), as reducing cholesterol in the body. Several leading manufacturers have chosen to include it in their breakfast cereals and certain soft drinks, but the problem is that it is the unlicensed form of Beta Glucan 1.3, 1.6 that should really merit attention!

Beta Glucan, Nature's Secret

Numerous trials have been carried out with proper double–blind protocols, and it has been shown to be effective against forms of cancer, HIV / AIDS, arthritis, cardiovascular disease (by far the largest killer in the Western world), fibromyalgia, M.S., radiation sickness and a host of other conditions, acting as the world’s most powerful immune enhancer.

It is now included in the world’s first 2% Beta Glucan cream, which apart from being a superior moisturising cream, can help with a whole range of skin conditions. In capsule form, it is recommended to take a minimum of a 400 mg capsule per day as a maintenance dose. It is currently being employed in doses of up to 3,000 mg per diem when treating cancer and other serious conditions.

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) Niagic

This is a very recent newcomer on to the AAM scene, and we will be producing it in the form of Niagic. Sometimes wrongly attributed to Dr David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School, this product was researched and developed at Cornell University. After unexpected and spectacular anti–aging results were demonstrated in mice, it is now being trialled in humans, and has passed the first stage of double–blind trials. Already supplements are beginning to appear, demonstrating that NR helps to produce NAD or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is an essential metabolite in all human cells, supporting the mitochondria or ‘powerhouses’ in every one of the living cells in our body.

Not only does an increase in NAD help with energy levels and even tinnitus, but it can assist in raising metabolic rates, resulting in a potential weight loss. Together with BG, it is indeed a potentially powerful addition to the anti–aging armoury. Available as Niagic in capsule form up to 500 mg, it must assume a valuable place in treating aging as a disease rather than an inevitability. (Professor Aubrey de Grey, Cambridge Univ, U.K.)

HGH Pre–Cursors or Oral Secretagogues

If Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injections are too impractical or expensive, except perhaps in Hollywood, where youthful looks are a continual ‘must’, then pre–cursors are an alternative, though not so definite in their action. It is advisable to take one Niagic capsule around tea time, then a carefully balanced Triple Amino acid capsule around bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach, in order to try to promote a spike in our HGH level, which in turns slows down the aging process. This consists of a balance of L–Arginine, L–Glutamine and L–Lysine. All the above products refer to an Anti–aging regimen. Other more specialized products are referred to below.

Glucomannan (Konjac)

This is available in 500 mg capsules specifically as a weight loss product, causing a reduction in appetite. Produced from a root plant found in Thailand and the Far East, it has been used effectively for this purpose for a large number of years.

Young Barley Shoots

These young shoots are organically grown and help to promote alkalinity in the body. A truly alkaline body, though difficult to attain, is immune to a whole host of conditions, especially cancer. Offered in 500 mg capsules.

Ellagitannin (or Ellagic Acid)

First discovered by Dr Daniel Nixon at MUSC — Medical University of South Carolina — this product was unusually subjected to double–blind studies before any announcement was made! It was found that the product which only turns into Ellagic acid when it reaches the stomach, serves to protect the p53 gene, and is thus effective in fighting cancer, regulating the process of cell division and replacement, known as apoptosis. Available in 1000 mg tablet form.


This product has been produced in tablet form following research by the Nobel Prize winner, Dr Louis Ignarro. His research showed that in amounts of 3 gm per day, L–Argine with the addition of L–Citrulline to spread its effect throughout the day, could reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It could also soften the walls of the aorta and other arteries, thus lowering the risk of blockage or atheromatous plaques, as well as having a positive effect on reducing cholesterol and raising the HDL level, (sometimes referred to as good cholesterol)!


This liquid is obtained from the inner bark of the Tabebuia Avellanedae tree, which grows in the Andes in South America and has been used in hospitals to treat cancer there for over 100 years! It is also one of the world’s first most potent natural antibiotics, and can be used prophylactically to stave off infection in the early stages of a viral or bacterial attack, as indeed can Beta Glucan, which must also be included under the heading of a potential cancer treatment. Available in 30 ml opaque bottles with a dropper. Note imitations of this product abound, and it is essential to ensure that the product is produced from a Goverenment approved source, as indeed ours is! There are 56 varieties of Tabebuia trees, and only one has the medicinal effect desired!

Laminine YTE (Young Tissue Extract)

Up until now this was claimed to be the sole domain of one company in the U.S.! In fact, LYTE was developed in the earlier stages by a Norwegian professor, who was an expert in avian egg cell embryology. The product is obtained by freeze drying an extract from avian chick embryos at a critical stage of the development of the egg, maximizing the vast number of nutrients produced at that time. Prepared as a supplement, it is capable of extracting up to 4,000,000 stem cells from within one’s own body, and then enabling them to target any damaged or infected areas of the body, intermingle and gradually replace the defective cells. Its potential in this respect is enormous and could have wide applications both in aging as well as treating diseased or injured parts of the body.

High Dose Melatonin

Designed specifically for export though available here, recent research has shown that high dose Melatonin is able to combat pre–senile conditions, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers and even certain types of epilepsy, reversing that condition in under 28 days! This latest addition to our range of supplements now joins all the above in the new branding concept of ‘Sanctuary Care’ products.

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